Spiderman Transform.jpg

1 - Background

The successful conclusion of a very delicate negotiations in the creation of the partnership with opposing comic powerhouses Marvel and DC Comics, brought some unique challenges to Under Armour when initially bringing their hero branded gear to market. With UA’s internal team focused on a myriad of marketing launch executions around the country, the initial social media presence had be left off of the table.

2 - Challenge

Our team was producing UA’s presence at the Phoenix Open when we were engaged to assist them with their inaugural launch of their “Hero” campaign. We had a couple of hurdles. UA wanted to use Hunter Mahan and Anthony Anderson in the spots. Both had very narrow windows of availability on the same day. With no studio available to shoot and Mahan’s narrow window was occurring during a signing at a local sporting goods store, and again, time was not on our side. The spots needed to hit social media the next the next morning.

3 - Solutions

Within a matter of a hours our writing staff delivered the concept, our site design team for the Phoenix Open built a locker room in the stockroom of the sporting good store, our logistics team flew Anderson in from Los Angeles, and our production team flipped the switch from capturing photography at the “Open” to motion and audio capture of Mahan and Anderson where “action” was called at 1:30pm that same day.


From his hotel room on the grounds of the Phoenix Open, our director composed and created an original music score, edited, mixed and mastered the final cut before night’s end. The spot hit the social media channels the next day and were well received. The spots went on to receive international Telly Awards.