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What most see as limitation and obstacles, look closer and you’ll see them for what they really are... as vantage and opportunity.
— the Blind Man


about us

greiBO Gravity is a collective of agencies that play home to a host of problem solvers, producers, and creatives that think outside of the box strategically and tactically by design


Our group

greiBO: Creatives in the art of making you look, listen, & believe.

BK986: Consulting to bridge international gaps across varying cultures doing business.

URBAN734: Commercial and residential design & development for urban environments.

SHO-Labs:  The science of research & development of clean proprietary blends of hair and skin care products

6IX Degrees: Is a creatively-powered PR firm developing effective conversion for brands through today's complex media landscape.

greiBO | BK986 | SHO-Labs | 6ix Degrees


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